Meet The Jennings…

Glen Jennings is a fourth generation farmer from Masstown who raises what he refers to as “green eggs without the ham.” His 18,000 layer hen operation, Bayview Poultry Farms, which he took over from his father Cecil, uses 3 Skystream wind turbines to provide power to the barns, the farmhouse, and the egg grading facilities. Since 2007, the farm has significantly reduced its power costs as well as its output of greenhouse gases, by using this green energy alternative.

The winds that sweep across Cobequid Bay and onto the fields at Bayview Poultry Farms made the farm an ideal place to use turbines for energy production. When running at more than capacity for the farm needs, the turbines actually produce power that goes back to the main grid for use by other consumers in Nova Scotia. Glen doesn’t charge a premium for his “green eggs”, explaining that the wind is free, not something he has to pay for like an organic supplement. “I’d rather people just bought our eggs because they’re local. They aren’t shipped here from somewhere else, and they help develop our food security.”

The Jennings family has a fifth-generation farmer in the making. Glen’s son Blake tends the family’s pumpkin U-Pick operation every fall, helping to raise the crop through the summer months and then working with customers coming for their Thanksgiving and Halloween pumpkins.