Meet the Bremners…

The Bremner Girls, Erin, Robin, Alyson and Kathryn, together with their parents, Jim and Frances, own and operate Castle Frederick Farms Inc. in Falmouth, NS. The girls are the 8th generation on the farm, descendants of Colonel Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres.

Castle Frederick Farms consists of approximately 300 head of cattle, 180 sheep, 200 acres of pasture and 200 acres of productive marshlands for hay and forage to feed the livestock through the winter.

The Bremner Family is proud of their long history in the agricultural community, as well as their dedication to environmental stewardship. A recent biodiversity study revealed many unique species of plants, insects and birds on the property, as well as a healthy ecosystem that has been and will continue to be sustained for many years. Protecting the watershed is high on the priority list, as the farm borders on approximately 7 kilometres of the Avon River. In summer of 2010 Ducks Unlimited restored a wetland on the farm and this is now a popular feature with visitors.