Meet Mike Porter…

For almost twenty years, the first thing on Mike Porter’s mind in the morning has been that he has animals to feed – hogs and laying hens. With those chores done, he’s never idle, because there is always plenty of work to do on his farm on the outskirts of Port Williams, Kings County. Farming is in Mike’s blood: he grew up on a mixed family farm with livestock and tree fruits.

Two years ago, Mike opened Porter’s Farm Market, which provides a wide selection of locally raised meats, fruits and vegetables. Despite the challenges of the hog industry in Canada, he continues to raise pigs and market them through his farm store. Each year, Mike raises about 100 hogs, having the bacons and hams smoked naturally in the Valley. All his meats are fresh-frozen and vacuum-packed, ensuring consistent quality from his freezer to your dining room table. He enjoys operating the on-farm market because it gives him a chance to interact with his customers, who appreciate learning more about how their food is raised.

When not looking after the animals or working in the market, Mike enjoys going for walks and spending time with his wife and three children.

Porters Farm Market
688 Belcher St. Port Williams, NS
Phone: 902-680-6416