Meander River Farm & Brewery

Situated in Newport, Nova Scotia sits Meander River Farm and Brewery, which is owned and operated by Brenda, Alan and their two kids Fraser and Campbell. Each has their own part to play in the family business; Alan is the brewer and “CEO”, Brenda is the Master Gardener and product developer, Fraser is the farms mechanic and muscle, and Campbell manages retail, sales and events. One happy family – one successful team.

In 2004 Alan and Brenda took over the property from Alan’s parents and began growing and producing what they wanted, for their own pleasure.


“We got into hops which then led us to the craft beer industry here in Nova Scotia. In 2014 we decided to have our own brewery,” Alan explained.

Here, they also produce cider from local apples, honey, lavender, cut flowers, veggies, preserves and handmade products from all of these resources!

Meander River Farm & Brewery has been participating in Open Farm Day since 2014!

“It’s a great opportunity for folks to meet their farmer and learn how everything goes from ground to glass or table – it’s important,” Brenda added. “A lot of people don’t know about hops or lavender, or how they are grown/harvested and the processes that are required to make products with them.”

The family agrees that it’s also great for people to see a family creating a sustainable life outside of the city, another way of life – but an equally enjoyable one.


Visitors at Meander River Farm & Brewery can take part in numerous activities on Open Farm Day. On site there will be hikes to a waterfall through their woodlot, free yoga, live music, a pop up market with local artisans and producers, and of course beer and cider (for those of legal age) to enjoy on the patio or at home!

Be sure to keep an eye on their social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – for up to date schedules.


Did you know: the farm is home to a lovely 13-year-old Black Lab named Angus, and a 7-month-old Irish Wolfhound named Phoebe who are the special greeters! They love to see people throughout the day

“We love meeting everyone and having them enjoy our property as much as we do.”

Meander River Farm & Brewery can’t wait to see you on the farm!