Meet William McNeil…

William McNeil owns and operates Saulsbrook Farm in Windsor Forks, Hants County, where his family has owned and worked the land since 1869. The operation has two main focuses: son Allan focuses on breeding and training the family’s Standardbred racehorses, while McNeil’s passion is for raising purebred sheep.

McNeil says a Nutrient Management Plan is a key part of being a successful environmental steward. By ensuring the soil pH of his fields are in the ideal range he makes certain that nutrients applied to fields will be available for plants to use. McNeil uses no pesticides on his farm.

To minimize destruction of bird nests in croplands, McNeil chooses to use late-maturing forage crops such as Farol timothy, which isn’t harvested until young birds have matured enough to be able to fly. The farm has several wetland areas sponsored by Ducks Unlimited, including ponds that teem with waterfowl and other birds.