Meet The Truemans…

This 1240-acre mixed farm is currently owned and operated by Brian and his wife Joan along with their family, Mark & Isabelle and Beth. Their century farm is in Truemanville, Cumberland County, and has been in the family since 1817. Currently, the Truemans have 60 head of beef cattle, grow forage and grain, lowbush blueberries and manage an 800-acre woodlot.

The Truemans follow the local municipal guidelines for recycling, composting and disposing of farm waste materials. Crop rotation helps reduce the risk of soil erosion, while the Nutrient Management Plan that Trueman had done has allowed for more precise and timely applications of manure and fertilizers.

As stewards of the land, Trueman and his family like to educate and encourage others to take a similar proactive approach to environmental farming. He provides walking tours of the farm to 4-H groups and the local Scouting movement, and is an active participant in information sessions designed to bring more information to the farming community.