Meet the Millens…

Curtis Millen began what would be his career with 6 rows of strawberries at the age of 15. As his hobby evolved into a business, his family grew to include his wife Ann and their four sons.

The Millen farm is now a bustling full-time family business with the help of 15 fulltime employees and over 130 seasonal workers. Their farm has grown to 90 acres of fresh strawberries (all supplied to local markets) and 35 acres of strawberry plants that are sold to the Florida market in September and October. Their property in Little Dyke, Nova Scotia also consists of 200 acres of fresh pack-line blueberries sold in both local and national markets and grocery chains.

The Millen family attributes their success to a strong commitment to quality. “Quality is what we are most proud of” says Ann.

Curtis and Ann’s love of farming and attention to detail has been passed onto two of their four sons, who now proudly call this their vocation too.