Meet Mary & Leroy…

Mary Morse and Leroy d’Entremont own sheep on several islands off the coast near their home in Pubnico, Nova Scotia. These sheep graze year round on these islands feeding on grass in the summer and sea weed in the winter months. They have 150 ewes in total and maintain several different crossbred sheep. They find that by maintaining various crossbred and pure flocks on different islands, they can breed sheep that are suited to the environmental conditions on the various islands and produce marketable lambs.

In Nova Scotia Island sheep flocks used to exist all along the shore. However, the only flocks that continue to this day are in the South Western Region. People like Mary and Leroy continue the tradition of raising sheep and also inshore fishing like their ancestors have since the early 1600’s. Mary and Leroy are very proud of this tradition and plan on continuing this for many generations to come.

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