Sugar Moon Farm

Nestled at the base of Nuttby Mountain, in Earltown, Nova Scotia is Sugar Moon Farm which is owned and operated by Quita Gray and her husband Scott Whitelaw. Born in Victoria, British Columbia – Quita studied music at the University of Ottawa and put herself through school by spending her summers working in the bush in Northern Alberta. After this she attended Ranger School in Fredericton, New Brunswick – which is where she met Scott in 1986.

“After Ranger School, Scott and I looked for some land,” Quita explained. “We met Bob Williams here in Earltown, he had a 200-acre farm with 2500 taps and a small rustic pancake house. He was looking for the right people to take over.”

Clearly, they fit the bill, from 1994-1996 Quita and Scott apprenticed with Bob, learning how to make maple syrup and how to work in the woods with horses. In 2000 they expanded their operation, opening the sugar farm year-round.


“Now we welcome around 30,000 visitors from around the world who come to taste traditional maple-inspired local food, to hike the beautiful trails nearby, to tour our sugar camp and learn about how we make maple syrup, and to purchase pure maple products and other goodies in our shop,” said Quita.




Sugar Moon Farm has been participating in Open Farm Day since its inception!

“We think that people need and want to know where their food comes from. It’s our mission to raise understanding of maple syrup production as well as to feature local ingredients in our restaurant from farmers and food producers in the Maritimes,” Scott added. “Open Farm Day is all about that connection, so it makes sense to us.”

Did you know: Nova Scotia makes only .5% of the global supply of maple syrup? There is lots of “untapped” potential for the industry to grow in Nova Scotia.

Visitors will be able to sign up for a tour, have a bite to eat, go for a hike, and pick up a maple goody from the shop.

What’s their favourite part about Open Farm Day?

“Meeting the guests and turning them on to the amazing world of maple syrup!”

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Sugar Moon Farm can’t wait to see you on September 16th!