Meet Andrew VanOostrum…

This second-generation producer raises beef cattle and grows soybeans, wheat, corn and forage crops on his acreage, which curves down the base of the North Mountain and borders on the headwaters of the Cornwallis River, in the Annapolis Valley.
VanOostrum was one of five finalists, and the eventual winner, in the first annual Farm Environmental Stewardship Award, presented in November 2009. This award was established to highlight producers who make good land, water and habitat stewardship a significant part of their farm operations.

VanOostrum practices minimum tillage and no-till cultivation of his fields, only putting ploughs on the land when absolutely necessary, and rotating forage, corn and grain crops to help maintain soil health. He has implemented a Nutrient Management Plan, using livestock manure as his primary source of improving soil fertility. He uses GPS technology to help manage pesticide use, which has reduced overspray on his grain crops. Andrew is shown in the photo with his wife Teressa and their twin sons Evan and Sean.